A-OK Auto Sales Takes Care of Customers During COVID-19

by - Posted 2 years ago

A lot of people lost their jobs during this whole COVID thing. And we’ve been working with new and old customers to get their needs met.

 For existing customers, we look at each one who needs help. So as long as they’ve been on unemployment for six months and/or have gone back to work, that's acceptable because a lot of people lost their jobs during COVID.

A lot of our people who work in restaurants were affected because they were completely closed for a pretty good while. And people who work in retail, like Bed Bath and Beyond or Kohl's were laid off or let go because places like that were closed.

They all had to all fall on unemployment. But we worked with all those people. That's what we do. We work with people and help them get through hard times. That includes making arrangements so that they can make their payments. And sometimes we’re able to defer payments. That doesn't mean the payment is forgiven. It just means that that the loan goes longer.

We do report timely payments to the credit Bureau, but deferred payments don't show that they're late or anything.

People are coming back in now. For a while there, we couldn't have our office open or anything. But now everything's pretty much back to back to normal. Some people are wearing masks, some people aren't -- it's, whatever they’re comfortable with. We don't have to wear masks here in Texas, but some people still do.

We're still having customers get approved, but typically we do that first and trying to lessen test driving so that we don’t have to sanitize so many cars. Prior to COVID anyone could come and test drive 50 cars if you wanted to. We’re limiting that now.