A-OK Auto Sales Helps Everyday People

by - Posted 2 years ago

We have this customer who bought a vehicle from us. Mr. Vu is an older Asian gentleman. He bought a truck from us and then decided to “go back home.” 

We actually drove him to the bus station. He gave us his truck back and we took him to the bus station and dropped him off. He sent us a Thank You card in the mail.

Well, a few months later, Mr. Vu showed back up and needed to buy another vehicle. So we sold him another truck. Then Mr. Vu fell on hard times and he still owed some money on the truck. It wasn’t a whole lot. He lost his job at the grocery store. We didn’t know all this and kept calling him and calling and calling him about his payments. And he couldn't pay. 

One day he came in to see us and said that he’s going to have to give us the truck back because he couldn’t afford it anymore. 

Now, I had found out that he’d been sleeping in it. He didn't have a place to live and had been sleeping in his truck.  It was his house. It was his transportation. It was everything. What I thought is that I can do without whatever he still owed me and survive just fine. But at the end of the day, where's he going to live? Where's he going to go? You know? All I could think of was, where's he going to sleep at now? So right there I just signed the title and gave it to him. 

He sent another Thank You card in the mail for us. 

I guess this story – and so many others like it as far as helping people get on their feet and establish good credit shows the kind of heart that we have for our community and that not all dealerships are always just about the money. We’re about helping people. I could have taken his truck and resold it, but at the end of the day, that little old man; his truck was everything for him.