AOK offers a Lay-Away Plan

by - Posted 1 year ago

AOK Auto Sales stands out in their community by offering a lay-away plan.  Someone wants a car that's $2,000 down but they only have $1,000. They can come in and fill out an application or fill one out online before they come in if they want, in order to get an approval.

After approval for financing the vehicle, they can put their thousand dollars down and we give them two weeks to come up with the rest of the down payment. We’ll hold that car for them. 

Once they have the rest of their money, they can come in and pick up their vehicle. And we have absolutely not, I promise you, never ever sold a car that is being held for someone. While it’s being held, nobody else can see it or get to it. Nobody else drives it or anything. 

That's why we tell the customer whenever they put it in layaway, that there is a no refund policy because that car is parked and locked up. We’re holding it. It's secure, but we consider that it’s their car. 

If something happens, they lose their money because we're holding that car specifically for them. Then and only then does the vehicle go back out on the lot for sale.