Trade-ins Welcome at AOK Auto Sales

by - Posted 2 years ago

AOK Auto Sales takes trade-ins of any make, model, and year. If there is money owing on the trade, we require that the seller bring their finance information with them which includes the account number, phone number, and name of bank or finance company.

Our process at AOK Auto Sales for accepting trade-ins is much the same as when we buy vehicles at auctions. My husband evaluates the trade-in and gives a value on it. He uses an app that tells him what the value is – it’s the same one he uses at auctions.

We'd rather the vehicle be under 150,000 miles. They'll need to have a clean title with it. We’ll run an AutoCheck on the car to make sure that it's not a salvage vehicle, and that there's no kind of bad stuff associated with that title. We make sure that it's a good, clean title – a clear title that they've released –there are no liens on it or anything. 

After he gives the price value to the customer and they accept it, we go out there with them and pick out the vehicle that they can test drive. From there, it's the same financial application process as if they didn’t have a trade-in. It's just that they have a trade-in versus cash money for a down payment. 

We also accept cars for trade-in without the seller having to buy a vehicle from us. They just bring it in and my husband will look at it and give them a price on it. If they still want to sell it, we write them a check.