Adjustments we have made due to the coronavirus pandemic

by - Posted 2 years ago

  1. As mandated by the CDC, we adhere to “social distancing” guidelines of a 6-foot distance.
  2. All of our vehicles are sanitized more than our normal cleaning process. 
  3. Every area of our dealership and finance office are also sanitized beyond normal. 
  4. We’d love to see your smiling face and shake your hand; but during this time, all customers are encouraged to complete online and by phone as much of the process as possible. Click here to start a finance application
  5. At this time, appointments are required to test-drive vehicles.
  6. After working on each vehicle, technicians change gloves.
  7. We take extra measures throughout the day to make sure that all phones, keyboards, and monitors are cleaned.
  8. We encourage all existing customers to make payments online.
Together, we’ll get through this. 

Donald 13 months ago
Did I get the van
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Awesome post, thank you for sharng.